Baiyoke Sky: Bangkok’s tallest dinner

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Baiyoke Sky: самый высокий ужин Бангкока

Good day, travelers!

Today we will talk about one of the most interesting and popular places in the capital of Thailand – Bayoke Sky Hotel. We will tell you everything in detail, show you and advise you how to plan a visit to this iconic place where people even fight for the title of being the fastest to climb the stairs at the top of the skyscraper =)

To make it easier for you to find the material you want, we’ve made it easy to navigate through the article. And for those who already want to visit Bayok and save a little money on tickets/dinners and the like… Let’s face it – there are plenty of options to join all the awesomeness, to each his own, and discount hotel admission, restaurants and viewing platforms are waiting for you in the appropriate sections. Do not like extra words – then to business!

Navigating the article:

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About the Byock Sky Skyscraper

Once the tallest building not only in Bangkok, but also in Thailand (since 2016 these titles belong to the MahaNakhon multifunctional skyscraper) – Bayok Sky Hotel is also known for its observation decks and restaurants for every taste.

Bayok Tower 2 is, as of 2018, the second tallest building in the city and country, 76th in Asia and 104th in the world.

From floors 5 to 17 of the skyscraper is a multi-level parking garage, while floors 22 to 74 house the 673 rooms of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia and the third tallest in the world. The remaining floors are reserved for all kinds of lobbies, restaurants, reception, Family Mart and even a golf course =)

On the 77th floor is a covered observation deck.

On the last, 84th floor, which is about 250 meters high, is a rotating open-air observation deck (with a 360-degree view).

Even if you are not going to live in this hotel, it is definitely worth a visit, because from its observation deck you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the whole city and even the suburbs. Just being on top you can appreciate how huge the city of Bangkok is, how crazy the traffic is on the roads, enjoy the view not only by day but also by night, beautifully illuminated megalopolis.

Вид на ночной Бангкок с небоскреба Байок Скай

Some facts:

    • The building was completed in 1997 and the antenna was completed in 1999;In January 2002, five Norwegian skydivers set a world record for base-jumping, jumping from the 81st floor to land on the roof of the nearby Indra Hotel;
    • The building is 309 meters tall or approximately 182 people standing on top of each other;
    • The first floor and the top floor are separated by 2,060 steps. There is a competition on the speed of ascent on foot steps, at the moment the record belongs to a Welshman Harry Jones, who has overcome 84 floors (304 m) in 11 minutes and 10 seconds. The cost to participate in the race is 500 baht;
    • The building has 1,740 window panes, enough to glaze 200 townhouses;
    • The pile structure goes 65 meters into the ground, the height of the building is approximately 22 stories;
    • The total area inside the building is 179,400 m² or roughly 30 soccer fields;
    • The building is the tallest advertising surface;

So, let’s look at ways to visit the hotel and its observation decks, of which there are several – on the 79th floor there is a closed one, and on the 84th floor there is an open one, though shrouded in a web of metal bars.

Bayok Sky: How to get in and how much does it cost?

Book a hotel stay

The room can even be booked with a Russian card, and paradoxically it is cheaper than on booking. You can book a room at a discount, which often happens, at a price of only 3,000 baht, and this amount already includes breakfast on the 82nd floor, unlimited access to all viewing platforms, as well as the use of the gym and the pool. Although the pool is outside, it is not large, and only on the 20th floor and quite small.

Ticket to the observation deck

You can buy only an entrance ticket to the Bayok Skye lookouts. The cost is 400 baht, you just go in, enjoy the views, look, take pictures and leave. Yes, you are entitled to 1 drink at the bar when you buy your observation deck entrance ticket!

Вид на ночной Бангкок с небоскреба Байок Скай

Breaking through for free

You can get into Bayioke for free and… illegally. On the 18th floor very officially you go up in the elevator, because at this level is the reception, and then you have to go up the elevator for guests (along with such), who work on the card from the room, on their floor (here, as luck would have it), to find the back stairs and climb them. Let me tell you right away, we have not tried, but a lot of information and reviews can be found on the Internet, people use similar schemes regularly. When we visited, all carefully checked the cards that are given at the reception at the entrance to the elevator and the observation deck, but we had no problem bypassing the rules, if you want – all feasible =)

Order dinner at a restaurant

The best way to visit the skyscrapers, in our opinion, is to book a table at one of the restaurants; there are several: from a fruit buffet to full restaurants of different cuisines and a bar on the 83rd floor. It is better to take care of a table in advance, so you can save a lot of time and not waste your time at the entrance. Booking is required at least one day in advance. Prices often change, both upward and downward, on the site are almost always various promotions and specials. Once again, it’s better to book a table at 5 pm – you can appreciate the views of the city during daylight hours by coming in an hour before dinner, having dinner and going up to the viewing platforms when the sun goes down over the horizon.

The BaiyokSky Hotel has several restaurants for all tastes and wallets.

You can book a table on the official site, it’s cheaper than booking a table on the spot, but it is possible to book a table at least a day in advance:

There’s an even cheaper option, book your table at this link right on the day you visit the restaurants and viewpoints.

The prices are for dinner reservations, as daytime dining is a little cheaper, but you won’t have the opportunity to see Bangkok at night, and it really is very beautiful.

– The fruit buffet on the 18th floor. Open from 10 to 19 hours. This is the cheapest restaurant, visitors are offered a variety of fruits and desserts to choose from, even durian is here. This is the cheapest option, the cost to visit the buffet is 550 baht. And also includes entrance to the observation decks on the 77th and 84th floors.

– Seafood Buffet is a self-service restaurant on the 69th floor. Excellent selection of sushi, shrimp, mussels and Thai dishes. There is something to feed the child, as well as not forgotten about the desserts. We were exactly on the 69th floor, but the ticket was bought on special offer for 478 baht. At the time of writing, the prices have gone up – 599 baht on the official website. We were here in 2018. This restaurant is not open in 2022.

– Baiyoke Floating Market on the 75th floor. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 11 pm. The self-service restaurant is styled after traditional Thai floating markets.


– Bangkok Sky Restaurant on floors 76 and 78. A restaurant with an excellent selection of seafood as well as European and Asian cuisine. The price on the official website is 980 baht.   Let you not be misled by the crooked name in this service, we have checked everything, go to the site and choose the option you want (lunch, dinner).

Ужин в ресторане Байок в Бангкоке

Еда в Байок ресторане
This is roughly what our table looked like. Shrimp and octopus were left out of the picture

–  Stella Palace International Caravan Buffet on the 79th floor. Premium Chinese, Japanese, European cuisine. Cost to visit when booking on the official website is 1252 baht; this link will be cheaper.

Bangkok Balcony – restaurant on the 81st floor. Grill and international cuisine. The menu includes seafood, fresh salads and even Australian beef steaks. There are tables to choose from inside and even outdoors. In the open air, of course, much more expensive (1650 baht versus 1190 baht), but the romantic atmosphere is guaranteed.

Crystal Grill Buffet on the 82nd floor. The restaurant is open from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The grill buffet is claimed to be the chicest of all, with a huge selection of sushi, seafood, and other seafood delicacies.

It costs 1,450 baht to visit the grill restaurant, but it’s cheaper as always on KLook.

– ROOF TOP BAR on the 83rd floor. When you buy a ticket to the observation decks you will be offered a free cocktail or a glass of wine with a great panoramic view of the city, you cannot book a table through the website at the moment;

Is it worth overpaying for a restaurant? I don’t know, it’s up to you to decide. But I can definitely say that everywhere there is a huge selection of food: delicious and fresh.

A ticket to Mahanakhon, Thailand’s tallest skyscraper


If you still want to visit the roof of the tallest building in the country, then since November 2018 there is such an opportunity.

In the Mahanakhon skyscraper the Roof Top Bar, a corridor with digital installations and the world’s tallest glass-floored terrace was opened. Imagine 310 meters underfoot with a view of Bangkok!

Tickets are 10% off =)

If you want to sit and drink a cocktail in this ultramodern tower, then get a ticket with admission to the RoofTop bar (the choice is on the ticket purchase page)

Mahanakhon SkyWalk - фото с оф. сайта
Mahanakhon SkyWalk – photo from official website

And if you want to stay in one of the luxurious rooms of this 5-star hotel.

A photo gallery from Mahanakhon posted on the skyscraper’s website.


Our reviews and restaurant experiences

I can say with great confidence that the restaurants fully justify their money. The choice of food is great, there are high chairs and even animators for children. Maybe the food is not like in Michelin restaurants, but it is fresh, they cook everything in front of you, and the staff is very friendly.

Our video with an in-depth review of visiting the restaurant and viewpoints at Bayok Sky:

Visit and see for yourself. Bon appetit! =)

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